Technical assistance


With the « HOTLINE », you can easily contact us by a simple phonecall, email, fax or mail and ask us for informations or help. A member of our team will advise you, will offer decision axes, or will give you the documentary reference you need.

 You will have a quick response in the day, that is our goal.

Your questions and our responses are recorded but remain confidential.

Access to EMTT Support is managed by your annual subscription ; everyne in your company can use this services.

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Interventions on site

When you ask and according to your needs, EMTT staff moves in your company or to your suppliers for technical assistance missions:

  • Shop audit of existing heat treatment
  • Initiation of heat treatment equipment
  • Feasibility process
  • Reproducibility structural parts heat-treated
  • Temporary replacement of an absent employee

We also work outside of France. With our interventions, we often provide training "field" for staff concerned.

Audit feasibility

EMTT constantly monitors on:

  • Evolution of metallic materials
  • Evolution of thermal processing and surface - new and emerging processes 
  • New properties obtained by superficial structural change and / or mass

Why Audits feasibility?

  • State of the art in one specific area
  • Specific bibliographic studies
  • Synthesis onnew or upgraded processes
  • Current norms and regulations
  • Detailed examination of your investment project
  • Market research on innovative applications

In case of technical issue, contact EMTT support