EMTT – Vocation, means

Our motto

Controlling the structure of materials to ensure their durability is a key factor to efficiency and competitiveness.

History and goals

From this slogan Michel BARON established Etudes Métallurgiques et de Traitement Thermique (Metallurgical and Heat Treatment Studies) in 1982, with the aim of:

  • providing companies with specific skills and an independent metallurgical support
  • conducting research to design metallurgical new products, or to improve the performance and costs of existing equipment
  • appraising faulty products on site or in EMTT laboratory
  • organizing vocational training with the use of decision-making tools on metallic materials and their implementation
  • contributing to a better understanding of the metallurgical knowledge of our ancestors by providing support on archaeometallurgy and studying meteorites.

Recognized skills

This vocation and the quality of our work let us obtain:

- ISQ qualification, OPQCM option, field Technology, Management consultancy firms.

ISQ Certificat
Code of ethics
Letter ANVAR
Letter Research Tax Credit

- As for Michel Baron, OSEO-Anvar Expert in the field "metallurgical processes".


These skills make us an important partner of projects approved and supported by the EUROPEAN UNION or FRENCH STATE.


For any question about metallurgic studies, please contact EMTT