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If you face issues like:

  • Choosing the right Material and heat/surface treatment, based on known mechanical and physicochemical constraints
  • Knowing how a given heat traement affects the shape and dimensions of a mechanical part 
  • What to keep in mind before investing on a new heat treatment installation
  • Environmental constraints and safety considerations in the treatment workshop
  • Writing material purchasing technical requirements , or heat treatment specifications
  • NF EN 10 045-1 has been changed: What are the new requirements?
  • Can you organize a Vocational training in our company, about"welding metallurgy - laser welding case study".

EMTT can provide technical support and help you solve your problems.

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EMTT Resources

  • qualified team : it strives to provide you with technical support expertise and experience that allow to control everything related to ENGINEERING SURFACES, a complex discipline that requires a synergy between engineer, metallurgists and even quality specialists - Human Resources
  • A "MATERIALS" database : EMTT owns an original database, containing all the references of its technical library, answers to customers questions, results of previous work and expertise. It is rich with more than 10,000 references. Download: PDF presentation of reseach
  • Laboratory and partners: EMTT is able quickly perform any type of analysis and metallurgical examinations, such as : chemical analysis, mechanical tests, structural inspections, Vickers and Knoop micro-hardness, thickness and texture of deposits, surface states down to nanometer ...
  • A training room : located into our premises and fully equipped, it provides students with the ability to manipulate lab equipement and a demo kiln. Trainers are all regular EMTT engineers.

Our strength the reliability of our results, combined with workarounds proposal to identified damages.

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For more information : Metallurgical training


The power of a Group

EMTT joined the 6NAPSE Group and complete the services of the Group member companies : 

  • Analyses & Surface, laboratory analysis, testing and expertise of materials
  • CEVAA, vibro-acoustic center and reliability
  • EMTT, specialist in metallurgical materials and heat treatment
  • CREALINS, laboratory in chemical analysis
  • 6NAPSE, test center for products qualification
  • 6LING, sealing expert

For any question about the metallurgical study, please contact EMTT